Track and Field Sport History, Events, and Famous Athletes

Welcome to track classic, a victoria international track classic site. For those who have no idea what track and field sports are, you are in the right place. Well, the track and field sports are those sports that demand equal competence in running, jumping as well as throwing. It derives its name from the track where the athlete runs and the grass field where he jumps and throws. Ever seen a javelin or a discus throw? That is what we mean. Where you the player first runs, then jumps and then throws the javelin. However, the events are all differently executed in sports. And for those who already know about it are also in the right place, for Victoria track classic gives you all necessary information from the history of track and field sports to its sports betting odds. While we are at sport betting odds, we will also show how you can use no deposit Genting casino bonus from to get free bets and use your knowledge to win real money without risk. We are sure that our betting fans will love that!

History of Track and Field and the Origins of the Sport

The history of track and field dates back to the prehistoric times when the human used to be hunters and gatherers. The skills of run jump and throw helped them a huge deal in their daily hunting regime and thus came naturally to them. However, the records of seeing these natural instincts in the form of sports first came into being in the first session of the ancient Olympic Games. The stadion footrace was the first event that was held in the Olympics that used to be held in Olympia of Greece in 776 BCE. It was a part of the much famous pentathlon that used to be conducted in the ancient Olympic sports festival religiously. The pentathlon comprised of five games which were (1) long jump, (2) javelin throw, (3) discus throw, (4) stadion footrace, and (5) wrestling. The modern Olympics still follow the footsteps of its predecessor of course with an exclusive addition of many more events like the hammer throw, pole vault, marathon and many more.

What Running Events are in the Olympics?

Olympics is the mother of all sports events. Thousands of players from all over the world take part in this prestigious tournament and are followed by millions of followers in the world diaspora. The event of the Olympics is broadcast live in almost all parts of the world. the racing events that are conducted by the Olympics association can be participated by both men and women. Only a few have separate criteria for men and women. the racing events conducted by the Olympics association are as follows:Athlete

  1. 100m race
  2. 200m race
  3. 400m race
  4. 800m race
  5. 1,500m race
  6. 5,000m race
  7. 10,000m race
  8. 110m Hurdles for men only
  9. 100m Hurdles for women only
  10. 400m Hurdles
  11. 3,000m Steeplechase
  12. 4 x 100m Relay
  13. 4 x 400m Relay
  14. 4 x 400m Mixed Relay

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What are Track Events in Athletics?

The track and field events of the Olympics are meant for both men and women. These events are one of the most followed events of Olympics and people love to watch them for hours in a stretch. The track events of Olympics schedules are as follows:

  1. High Jump
  2. Pole Vault
  3. Long Jump
  4. Triple Jump
  5. Shot Put
  6. Discus Throw
  7. Hammer Throw
  8. Javelin Throw

Famous Track And Field Athletes from the United States

  1. Lolo Jones: among the women, she is quite a name who set the world records for 60 and 100 m hurdle and is a three times NCAA title holder.
  2. Amy Acuff: another woman athlete from the USA who participated and won the Olympics games many times between 1996 and 2012 for the high jump.
  3. Sanya Richards-Ross: an American track and field athlete originally from Jamaica is a 400, race runner and a winner of summer Olympics 2012.
  4. Georganne Moline: a 28 years old track and field athlete from the USA who won the 400m track race and 400m hurdles in Olympics 2012.
  5. Allyson Felix: a 33 years old sprint athlete who has four gold medals and two silver medals to her name.