5:00 pm: Men’s Hammer

World record: 86.74 Yuriy Sedykh

National record: 79.13 Jim Steacy

Track Classic record: 74.49 (Jim Steacy)

Favourite: Jim Steacy holds the Canadian record as well as the Track Classic record.

Local: Adam Keenan, a Lambrick Park grad is turning heads with his throwing abilities.

Other: Kibwe Johnson from the USA has a personal best of 80.31 meters and will challenge Steacy for the top spot.


5:50 pm: Women’s Javelin

World record: 72.28 Barbora Spotakonova

National record: 61.15 (Elizabeth Gleadle)

Track Classic record: 56.86m (Joanna Stone)

Favourite: Krista Woodward is by far the favorite with a personal best of 60.15 just short of the Canadian record.

Other: Canadians Melissa Fraser and Alanna  Kovacs will duel it out for the other podium places.


6:30 pm: Men’s Javelin

World record: 98.48 Jan Zelezny

National record: 84.81 (Scott Russell)

Track Classic record: 83.10 (Tom Putskys)

Favourite: Canadian and B.C. athlete Curtis Moss leads the field and is currently ranked #3 in Canada with a throw of 81.21 meters.

Other: Canadian Caleb Jones has thrown 73.92 for a personal best this year.


6:45 pm: Women’s Pole Vault (NTL)

World record: 5.06 Elena Isinbaeva

National record: 4.55 (Kelsie Hendry)

Track Classic record:  4.55 (Mary Saxer)

Favourite: Two women will battle for this year’s Track Classic title, Canadian record holder, Kelsi Hendry who has a best of 4.60 meters and American Melissa Gergel who has cleared 4.50 meters.

Other: Other Canadians to watch are Heather Hamilton and Gabriella Duclos-Lasnier


7:30 pm: Women’s Hammer Throw (NTL)

World record: 79.42 Betty Heidler

National record: 75.04 (Sultana Fritzell)

Track Classic record: 68.87 (Lisa Misapeka)

Favourite: Canadian Sultana Fritzell from Ontario leads the field with a personal best of 75.04 meters and leads the Canadian rankings this year.

Other: Watch for Canadian Heather Steacy and American Britney Henry to push Fritzell.


8:15 pm: Men’s High Jump (NTL)

World record: 2.45 Javier Sotomayor

National record: 2.36 (Derek Drouin)

Track Classic record: 2.28 (Brent Harkin)

Favourite: Canadian Mike Mason from Nanoose Bay made his Olympic debut in 2012 and has a personal best of 2.31 meters.

Other: Keith Moffat of U.S has a personal best of 2.30 meters.


8:35 pm: Men’s Shot Put (NTL)

World record: 23.12 Randy Barnes

National record: 22.21 (Dylan Armstrong)

Track Classic record: 21.36 (Dylan Armstrong)

Favourite: Justin Rodhe tops the Canadian rankings this year with a throw of 21.29 but never underestimate the power of Canadian record holder and Olympian Dylan Armstrong.

Other: Iranian Amin Nikfar has thrown 20.05 as a personal best and U.S athlete Eric Werskey has a personal best this year of 20.13.



7:07 pm: Men’s 400 meter (NTL)

World record: 43.18 Michael Johnson

National record: 44.44 (Tyler Christopher)

Track Classic record: 45.54 (Troy Douglas)

Favourite: U.S. Silver medalists in the 4 x 400 meters from the London Olympic Games, Manteo Mitchell and Josh Mance are the top ranked in this field and are capable of going under 45 seconds. Both have personal bests of 44.96 and 44.83 respectfully.

Other: Top Canadian in the event is Canadian Philip Osei, currently leading the NTL standings and is ranked 2nd in Canada with a time of 45.71 this year.


7:17 pm: Men’s 1500 meter National Development

World record:  3:26.00 Hicham El Guerrouj

National record: 3:31.71 (Kevin Sullivan)

Track Classic record: Dave Campbell: 3:39.28

Favourite: Canadian and former Vike Cliff Childs has the fastest time in the field at 3:46.5 with current Vikes Karl Robertson and Kyle Irvine close on his trail.


7:25 pm: Women’s 1500 meter National Development

World record: 3:50.46 Yunxia Qu

National record: 4:00.27  (Lynn Kanuka)

Track Classic record: Paula Schnurr 4:09.16

Favourite: Vike and local favourite is Maddy MacDonald with a time of 4:31.15 followed closely by another Vike Shauna McInnis.


8:00 pm: Women’s 400 meter  

World record: 47.60 Marita Koch

National record:49.91 (Marita Payne and Jillian Richardson)

Track Classic record: 51.18 (Jillian Richardson)

Favourite: U.S. athlete Mary Wineberg tops the field with a personal best of 50.24 and was a gold medalist on the 4 x 400 meter team in London.

Other: Close on Winebergs heels is fellow U.S. athlete Allison Beckford who has a personal best time of 50.38. Canadian Jenna Martin leads the Canadian rankings this year with a 52.45.


8:10 pm: Men’s Gary Reed 800 meter

World record: 1:40.91 David Lekuta Rudisha

National record: 1:43.68 (Gary Reed)

Track Classic record: 1:45.66 (Gary Reed)

Favourite: U.S. athlete Joe Abbott boasts the fastest seasonal time of 1:45.35.

Local: Geoff Harris and UVic Vike Thomas Riva have posted seasonal times of 1:47.

Other: This will be a tightly-knit pack and could offer some surprise results.


8:20 pm: Women’s 1500 meter

World record: 3:50.46 Yunxia Qu

National record: 4:00.27 (Lynn Williams)

Track Classic record:, 4:09.16 Paula Schnurr

Favourite: Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand has a personal best of 4:04.82.

Other: Canadian Rachel Cliff is the top Canadian in a time of 4:16.45


8:30 pm: Women’s 100 meter Hurdles (NTL)

World record: 12.21 Yordanka Donkova

National record:12.46 (Perdita Felicien)

Track Classic record: 12.90 (Angela Whyte and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep)

Favourite: Olympian Angela Whyte leads the field with a time of 12.66 this season.

Other: Watch Canadian Olympian Jessica Zelinka to challenge Whyte.


8:40 pm: Chek News Women’s 100 meter (NTL)

World record: 10.49 Florence Griffith-Joyner

National record:10.98 (Angela Bailey)

Track Classic record: 11.22 (Beverly MacDonald)

Favourite: U.S. athlete Paris Daniels leads the field in a time of 11.34 and should put a good fight against Canadian favourite Crystal Emmanuel who has a seasonal best of 11.40 and a personal best of 11.34.


8:50 pm: Times Colonist Men’s 100 meter (NTL)

World record: 9.58 Usain Bolt

National record: 9.84 (Donovan Bailey)

Track Classic record: 10.19 (Ray Stewart)

Favourite: Canadian Olympian Justin Warner tops the field with a personal best of 10.09 but U.S. athlete Reginald Dixon has the season’s best time of 10.24.

Other: Jerome Avery of the U.S. has a personal best of 10.17

9:00 pm: Running Room Women’s 800 meter (NTL)

World record: 1:53.28 Jarmila Kratochvilova

National record: 1:58.39 (Diane Cummins)

Track Classic record: 1:59.73 (Diane Cummins)

Favourite: Melissa Bishop has shown why she was an Olympian in 2012 and has the fastest time in the nation at 2:00.67.

Local: Hometown favourite is Diane Cummins who continues to prove that age doesn’t matter. She is a bronze medalist at the 2013 National Championships and is attempting to make World Championships standard. Other local favourites include Lemlem Ogbasilassie who has a seasonal best of 2:02.83 and UVic Vike Rachel Francois with a seasonal best of 2:03.97


9:10 pm: TIMEX Men’s 1500 meter (NTL)

World record: 3:26.00 Hicham El Guerrouj

National record: 3:31.71 (Kevin Sullivan)

Track Classic record: 3:39.28 (Dave Campbell)

Favourite: Canadian Nathan (Nate) Brannen tops the field with a seasonal best of 3:37.17 from this week’s Harry Jerome meet. He has a personal best of 3:34.22 and is shooting for the World Championship standard tonight of 3:35.

Local: Brannen trains locally in Victoria.

Other: Watch for Rob Finnerty of U.S. and Silas Kisorio of Kenya to push Brannen for top spot.