MEET RECORDS 1988 – 2010

Event Performance Record Holder Year
100m 10.19 Ray Stewart, Jamaica 1996
110mH 13.52 Shi dongpeng, China 2006
200m 20.65 Rod Tolbert, USA 1994
300m 32.43 Shane Niemi, Canada 2002
400m 45.54 Troy Douglas, Bermuda 1992
400mH 53.32 Bruce Plaxton, Canada 1994
800m 1:45.66 Gary Reed, Victoria, BC 2008
1000m 2:19.23 Steve Scott, USA 1991
1500m 3:39.28 Dave Cambell, victoria, BC 1988
Mile 3:54.07 Laban Rotich, Kenya 2003
3000m 7:44.36 Sidney Maree, USA 1988
5000m 13:10.93 Albert Chepkirui, Kenya 2003
10000m 28:04.04 Jesus Herrera, Mexico 1991
3000m SC 8:34.63 Gustavo Castillo, Mexico 1992
4x400m 3:05.12 Niemi/Kunkel/Christopher/Ringwald, Canada 2003
Long Jump 6.86m Mike Lafarge, Canada 1994
Triple Jump 14.71m Byron Jack, Canada 1994
Pole Vault 5.53m Matt Phillips, USA 2004
High Jump 2.28m Brent Harken, USA 1988
Javelin 83.10m Tom Putskys, USA 1992
Hammer 72.36m Travis Nutter, USA 2004
Discus 62.36m Wolfgang Schmidt, Germany 1992
Shot Put 20.47m Dylan Armstrong, Canada 2008
Event Performance Record Holder Year
100m 11.22 Beverly McDonald, Jamaica 1996
110mH 12.90 Angela Whyte, Canada 2006
Priscilla-Lopes-Shliep, Canada 2008
200m 23.48 Barbara Petrahn, Hungary 2006
400m 51.18 Jillian Rochardson, Canada 1991
400mH 1:00.85 Michaela Colluney, Canada 1994
800m 1:59.73 Diane Cummins, Victoria, BC 2006
1000m 2:38.87 Diane Cummins, Victoria, BC 2002
1500m 4:09.16 Paula Schnurr, Canada 1992
3000m 8:44.91 Sabrina Dornhoefer, USA 1988
5000m 15:32.13 Robyn Meagher, Victoria, BC 1996
3000m SC
Long Jump 5.84m Kim Vanderhoek, Canada 1994
Triple Jump
Pole Vault 4.45m Nikki McEwan, USA 2006
High Jump 1.85m Karol Damon, USA 1991
Javelin 56.86m Joanna Stone, Australia 1994
Hammer 68.87m Lisa Misapeka, USA 2003
Discus 56.44m Pam Dukes, USA 1992
Shot Put 16.92m Pam Dukes, USA 1992
Community Events
Event Performance Organization Year
Elementary Mile Relay 03:56.41 St. Patrick Elementary School ‘A’ 2003
ALS Corporate Mile Relay 03:48.64 Frontrunners 2003


  • Priscilla Lopes-Schliep equals the meet record of 12.90 in the 100mH
  • Dylan Armstrong sets a meet record of 20.47m in the shot put
  • Shi Dongpeng (China) sets a new meet record of 13:52 in the 110mH
  • Angela Whyte (Cdn) sets a new meet record of 12:90 in the 100mH
  • Barbara Petrahn (Hungary) sets a new meet record or 23:48 in the 200m
  • Diane Cummins (Cdn) sets another record of 1:59:73 in the 800m
  • Nikki McEwen (USA) sets a new record in the Pole Vault at 4:45 m
  • Antoinette Wilks (Jamaica) sets a new meet record of 12.94 in the 100mH for women.
  • Adam Goucher (USA) wins the men’s 5000m in 13:21.13 to qualify for the 2005 world championships.
  • Hillary Edmonson (CAN) captures the women’s 1500m in 4:10.70
  • Matt Phillips (USA) sets a new meet and stadium record in the men’s Pole Vault in 5.53m.
  • Gary Reed (Victoria, Canada) wins his second consecutive 800m in a time of 1:46.39.
  • Travis Nutter (USA) sets a new meet record in the men’s Javelin with a throw of 72.36m.
  • Diane Cummins (Victoria, Canada) moves up to the 1500m and wins in a time of 4:10.52.
  • Laban Rotich (Kenya) races to a new meet record in mile with a time of 3:54.07, outpacing Victoria’s Graham Hood on the last lap. Five athletes run a Miracle Mile.
  • Albert Chepkirui (Kenya) cruises to a meet record in the 5,000m in a time of 13:10.93. This is the fastest 5000m run on BC soil.
  • David Galvan of Mexico sets a new meet record in the 3000m –7:51.90 — just ahead of Martin Keino (Kenya).
  • Daniel Gachera (Kenya) runs 3:58.49 for the first sub four-minute mile run in Victoria since John Walker in 1972.
  • The Track Classic receives IAAF Area Permit status.
  • Diane Cummings (Victoria) runs to an easy win in the 800m as a warm-up for her 5th place finish in 2001 IAAF World Championships.
  • Shane Niemi (Canada) runs the second fast 300m of the year — 32.43.
Zach Whitmarsh (Victoria) outraces the Kenyans in final corner to win in 1:46.12 and sets a new meet record.
  • The Kenyan’s sweep the men’s 5000m. (Jackson Koech – 13:26.17 George Okworo – 13:28.94 Boaz Kisang, – 13:31.94) Boaz Kisang goes on to win NCAA cross-country six months later
  • Bernard Lagat (Kenya) runs 1:47.68 to finish just ahead of Kevin Sullivan (Canada) 1:48.05. Both went on to the Sydney Olympic Games to finish 3rd and 5th in the 1500m.
  • Clyde Colenso (South Africa) narrowly misses the four-minute-mile running 4’00.16.
  • The Mexican’s dominate the first six places in the Men’s 5000m with David Galven winning in 13:27.99.
  • Victoria’s Robyn Meagher battles Claire Taylor from USA in Women’s 1500m to finish second by 0.6 sec
  • Nora Rocha (Mexico) wins the 5000m in 15:30.75 — one of many races at she will win the Track Classic.
  • Ray Stewart, Jamaica set a new meet record in the 100m in a time of 10.19
  • Stacey Dragila, future Olympic gold medalist, wins women’s pole vault.
  • The Mexicans dominate the men’s 5000m winning in 13:35. 29 and taking the first three spots.
  • Victoria’s Zach Whitmarsh emerges on the international track scene and wins the 400m in 47.49.
  • T. Kuprivanovich, Blarus sets the meet record in 800m in 2:00.84
  • A new meet record in the women’s 200m is set by Sweden’s Maria Staapgard.
  • Centennial Stadium is resurfaced for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. 3000 additional seats are added along with a warm-up track.
  • Tom Putskys from the USA sets the new Javilin record of 83.10m
  • Gustavo Castillo, Mexico sets the meet record in 3000m S/C: 8:34.63
  • Jesus Herrera, Mexico sets meet record in 10,000m: 28:04.04. Carey Nelson, former UVic athlete finishes in second place 1/100s behind.
  • Steve Scott wins the 1000m in record time: 2:19.23
  • Steve Scott wins the 1000m ahead of Canada’s Simon Hoogewerf
  • Victoria’s Dave Campbell wins the 1500m for the second year in a row.
  • The first annual Victoria International Track Classic is held three months prior to the Olympic Games in Seoul Korea.
  • Victoria’s Dave Cambell outraces Peter Rono (Olympic gold medalist in Seoul) to setting the meet record of 3:39.28 for 1500m.